Why Shubhashish Geeta is the Best Choice for Buying an Apartment
Why Shubhashish Geeta is the Best Choice for Buying an Apartment
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Why Shubhashish Geeta is absolutely the Best Choice for Buying an Apartment

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The world around us is changing at a fast pace. What’s older, slower, and less efficient is transforming. Into a smarter, faster, and more efficient version of itself. Whether it’s the smartphone you use on a daily basis or making a once-in-a-lifetime decision. Like purchasing a luxury flat in Jaipur. The fact is, you can’t ignore that you need things to be ‘Smart’ and work on their own.

The distractions around us have increased a lot. The time we spend on smartphones has increased over the past decade. The competition in jobs or businesses has doubled. And people need to work hard to cover up the losses that occurred last year (due to COVID-19). Moreover, there are so many things that usually take a lot of our time daily because they aren’t smart. That’s why the free time that we used to have has shrunk and our “busyness” is forcing us to multitask. And buying a residential property that is smart home enabled can solve this problem.

Why a Gated Community?

Having an apartment in a gated community with smart amenities can make things easier for you. Attending to other urgent matters at hand becomes easier because you have more free time. You can spend the free time you “buy” from living in a smart home with your family. You can also hit the gym or, have a heartwarming conversation with your good friends.  If you spend your free time on side hustles or investing in your hobbies, then we can guarantee that. You will find yourself much happier and healthier. Smart amenities around your home save tons of your time.

About Shubhashish Geeta

Shubhashish Geeta, which is Jaipur’s most innovative gated-community project, is based on a ‘Resort Theme’. And, the ‘Amenities’ and ‘Futuristic Concepts’ offered here are gaining immense popularity. Among the home buyers of Jaipur. With a staggering 75% open area, our project has about 21,000+ trees & plants. On top of that, world-class amenities like a clubhouse, sports arena, gym, and swimming pool makes this project a dream location. And want to know the best part? The homes in the community feature an awe-inspiring home automation concept. It offers a life that most people only dream to have.

Let’s have a wide look at the ‘Smart’ amenities offered here:

1) Smart Home Concept

All units (2BHK and 3BHK apartments) in Shubhashish Geeta have been enabled with the ‘Smart Home’ concept. That means, no matter where you are, you are in control of the appliances in your home. All you need to do is to tap your phone a few times.

2) Alexa Enabled

Artificial Intelligence is the most powerful thing that’s emerging in the world of technologies. Over the past few years, we have started using various AI assistance in our everyday lives to do things via voice commands. The houses in Shubhashish Geeta are Alexa enabled. Now, weather reports, your favorite songs, or news, and tons of other exciting stuff just need your voice command. And everything will be delivered to you, instantly.

3) 400+ Electric Car Charging Points

Green energy is the best and also the cheapest form of energy. In the upcoming years, more and more vehicles would become electric. That’s why the team at Shubhashish Geeta has thought in advance and included over 400+ electric car charging points. It shows our dedication to nature-friendly living.

4) Prepaid Water Meters

As we live in Rajasthan where water is scarce to find, we fairly understand the value of water. Shubhashish Geeta has installed smart water meters to minimize the wastage of water. This ensures that the monthly bill amount is minimized. We have also built 25+ rainwater harvesting pits so that the groundwater in the area doesn’t deplete over time.

5) Garbage Disposal

When everything is going smart then how garbage disposal can be left behind? It is usually the least touched area in any housing society. However, since we care for our resident’s health very much, we have developed Garbage Disposal. It is an effortless, quick, and very hygienic way to dispose of and maintain garbage.

6) Smart Electric Meters

Solar panels have been installed around the complete project. This shows a green, eco-friendly power-generation initiative of Shubhashish Geeta. Moreover, we have made sure that we help the residents track their monthly energy expenditure. So they can minimize the electricity bill cost, through smart electric meters. You see, every unit at Shubhashish Geeta comes with a smart electric meter.


At Shubhashish Geeta, we just didn’t want to offer people a place to live, we wanted to give them a lifestyle. That makes a positive impact on every aspect of their lives. Whether it is happiness, health, finance, mental or physical wellbeing. Greenery, unique facilities, and especially the ‘Smart Amenities’ are a part of that initiative. We strive to build ‘Dream Homes’, not just ‘Houses’.

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