We value relationships. forever
RERA Number - RAJ/A/2021/1986

A World of Stars Awaits You ! Shubhashish Stars Program

Power of
Shubhashish Star

Helping your friends & families to make their life's one of the most important decisions is now most rewarding also with Shubhashish Star Program. Refer your friends, family, colleagues & given them benefit of your reference & earn reward points as well which are easily convertible in to several types of gift vouchers.

How Does It Works

Become a
customer of Shubhashish Homes by buying a property or becoming
If you feel happy
above our Product & Services, refer Friends, family members or any one of your known to buy property with Shubhashish
Referrer to get
benefits in form of Maintenance Vouchers, Tanishq Shopping Vouchers, Amazon Shopping Vouchers
Refree will get the
benefit of Shubhashish Stars Program in terms of discount at the time of booking
Referrer can check
point online and can redeem after ATS of referee

Get Rewards
like a Winner

Advantages of Inner Circle

Get the 5 stars card and be a part of the Shubhashish Homes inner circle,
which enables you to take exclusive benefits of the inner circle profile

  • Once in a year dinner with Shubhashish Homes CEO.
  • Opportunity to give your ideas and suggestions directly to management.
  • One dedicated helpline number and email support.
  • Lifetime benefits of the Shubhashish Homes Stars program.
  • Special place to sit in all Shubhashish homes project sales office & property care office.
  • No queue atthe sales office. Dedicated meeting space for referees.
  • Early information of new project launches to get the early registration number for you as well for your referee.

More Star More Reward

Shubhashish Stars program gives opportunity to increase number of stars on your card to get more reward power to you, more booking in Shubhashish Homes projects with your reference will get more stars to your card. So what are you waiting for, refer more to get more stars and to get more rewards.

1-2 Units |
3-5 Units |
6-9 Units |
10+ Units |

Give Power to your Card

No. of
Booked Units
Stars Benefits to referrer Per Unit
(In Points)
Benefits to referee
Per Unit (In Rupess)
1-2 Units 2 Stars
  • 30,000 Points
  • 5% Discount on property care services
3-5 Units 3 Stars
  • 50,000 Points
  • 5% Discount on property care services
  • 2 or more bookings in a year & get 50,000 maintenance voucher points extra
6-9 Units 4 Stars
  • 75,000 Points
  • 10% Discount on property care services
  • 3 or more bookings in a year & get 75,000 maintenance voucher points extra
10+ Units 5 Stars
  • 1,00,000 Points
  • 10% Discount on property care services
  • 5 or more bookings in a year & get 1,00,000 maintenance voucher points extra

Terms & Conditions

  • 1. Shubhashish Stars Program is exclusively for person who own a unit in Shubhashish Homes only.
  • 2. A buyer who has resold its unit can also be part of the program.
  • 3. Tenants can also take part in this program.
  • 4. To avail referral benefits, visiting customer information shall be communicated to the sales team or dedicated person. If the customer is already visited without reference, then it will be not eligible for referral benefit.
  • 5. To become member at least one reference booking is mandatory.
  • 6. To avail benefits, visiting customers have to inform, beforehand or at the time of visit, the card number of the Shubhashish Stars Card Holder.
  • 7. A point is equal to one Indian rupee.
  • 8. Rewards points will be credited after seven days of the ATS registration.
  • 9. Shubhashish Homes holds the right to discontinue the reward program at any time but it will inform customers beforehand and ensure that customers get adequate time to redeem reward points.
  • 10. Shubhashish homes reserves the right to keep any product / project out ofthe reward program.
  • 11. Shubhashish holds the rights to accept or reject a referral. In case of disputes Shubhashish Homes decision will supersede.
  • 12. This reward program is to give loyalty & reference benefits to the existing customers but there is no legal boundation to continue forever. Shubhashish Homes can stop, alter, dilute or update this program on self-discretion.
  • 13. Customers who become part of the Shubhashish Homes through the resell are also eligible for this program.
  • 14. Voucher points can be converted to the following companies’ vouchers only:
    Amazon Tanishq Shubhashish Maintenance LLP
  • 15. For more terms & condition and other updates please refer to www.shubhashishhomes.com/stars

How to Redeem Points

  • 1. Customers can request for redemption on the www.shubhashishhomes.com/stars
  • 2. The program manager receives requests.
  • 3. Customers receive confirmation of points transfer through email services / SMS.
  • 4. On post receiving the email, the customers can convert points into vouchers of their choice.
We value relationships. forever
Corporate Office: Shubhashish Maintenance LLP, 2nd Floor, Shubhashish Corporate Tower, 12-13, Rathore Nagar, Queens Road, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur 302021.
RERA Number - RAJ/A/2021/1986