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Are There Any Good Family-Friendly Villa Societies in Jaipur?

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The concept of family-friendly villa societies has emerged recently. The concrete jungles are boring for people nowadays, and they want a change. Today’s people want to be surrounded by extraordinary modern facilities. And at the same time, they want a society compromising of a fresh, green environment.


While there are several good family-friendly villa societies in Jaipur, there’s one that has been very genuine since its inception and delivered more than what it promised. I am talking about Shubhashish Geeta’s Phase II which offers luxury 3bhk and 4bhk apartments and villas in Jaipur. Geeta is the latest project of Jaipur’s very reputed organization – the Shubhashish group. These are the facilities that truly make it an extremely family-friendly project.


1) Vast & Lush Greenery

The project is beautified with approx ten thousand exotic plants and trees. The trees and exotic plants are planted in such a way… That they are empowering the beauty of the entire project… Making it look like a paradise for nature-lovers.


2) Yoga Spots, Temple, Ponds

A big park ends with an elegant touch of a big beautiful pond. Along the pond, a water creek is flowing sideways to the park itself. The Elderly can do yoga there, kids can play, and adults can just sit, talk while enjoying the sunset.


3) Swimming Pool, Sports Arena, Gym

Modern facilities like Gym and swimming pool have become necessities for today’s youth. Today’s youth want to indulge in outdoor activities. And become fit as well as relaxed. A fully-equipped gym and sports arena quench such needs.


Overall, the Shubhashish Geeta Phase II is the best & safest Luxury 3BK & 4BHK villa and apartment project the city of Jaipur has ever seen. You can undoubtedly consider buying your dream home or can just invest here.

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