Green Home Decor Tips from Shubhashish Homes
Enliven Your Space Green Home Decor Tips from Shubhashish Homes
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Enliven Your Space: Green Home Decor Tips from Shubhashish Homes

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At Shubhashish Homes, we take pride in blending modern living with nature-friendly aesthetics. Our belief in keeping the environment green resonates deeply as one of our core values. And what better way to infuse the beauty of nature into your living space than by decorating with plants? Whether you’re a seasoned plant enthusiast or a newbie looking to embark on a green journey, we’ve curated some inspiring home decor tips to adorn your Shubhashish Homes apartment with lush foliage.

Let’s dive into the art of green home decor

Energize Your Entrance with Potted Plants

As you step into your Shubhashish Homes apartment, let the vibrant energy of nature embrace you. Placing potted plants near the entrance not only adds a touch of elegance but also sets a refreshing tone for your entire living space. Opt for tall plants like snake plants or peace lilies that gracefully complement the vertical lines of our contemporary architecture.

Transform Bare Walls into Lush Statements

Embrace the verticality of our apartments by transforming blank walls into thriving green havens. Hang planters or install vertical gardens using climbers like pothos or philodendrons. These green cascades not only add visual interest but also act as natural air purifiers, enhancing the air quality within your home.

Create Tranquil Green Nooks

Discover those cosy corners within your Shubhashish Homes apartment and turn them into tranquil retreats. A well-placed reading nook or a serene meditation corner can be adorned with small potted plants like succulents or bonsai trees. These green companions infuse a sense of calmness, making these spaces perfect for relaxation and unwinding.

Cultivate Herbs for Fresh Flavors

Elevate your culinary experience by cultivating a mini herb garden right in your kitchen. Windowsills and countertops can be transformed into flourishing herb havens. Grow basil, mint, thyme, and other herbs to infuse fresh flavours into your dishes. This not only adds a dash of green to your cooking space but also promotes a sustainable lifestyle.

Use Plants to Define Spaces

In our spacious apartments, create a sense of definition and flow by using plants as dividers. Instead of traditional partitions, employ tall and bushy plants like areca palms or rubber plants to demarcate living areas from dining spaces. This creates a seamless transition while maintaining an open and airy ambience.

Elevate with Hanging Planters

Give your apartment a touch of whimsy by introducing hanging planters. These suspended gardens not only save floor space but also add an element of surprise. Consider using trailing plants like ivy or a string of pearls to create captivating visual displays that draw the eyes upward.

Introduce Green to Soothe

Turn your bathroom into a serene oasis by introducing green elements. Place moisture-loving plants like ferns or bamboo in well-lit corners to infuse a spa-like ambience. The juxtaposition of lush green against the soothing bathroom tones creates a truly rejuvenating experience.

Bask in Sunshine with Sill Gardens

Make the most of natural light by creating windowsill gardens. Line your windows with an array of plants, from succulents to flowering varieties. The play of light and shadows against the vibrant greenery adds a touch of magic to your living space.


To conclude, decorating your Shubhashish Homes apartment with plants is a delightful journey of merging nature and modern living. Our commitment to being nature-friendly is displayed in the lush green decor choices we encourage. From welcoming potted plants to creating green nooks, each step contributes to an ambience that revitalizes and refreshes. Embrace the beauty of green living and transform your space into a tranquil haven that resonates with the essence of Shubhashish Homes’ philosophy. Explore these innovative home decor ideas, and let nature be your partner in crafting a home that’s both aesthetically pleasing and soulfully rejuvenating.

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